Saturday, September 15, 2012

CT Lesson 40 - How to say Let's go swimming in Tagalog

Can you swim? Who taught you? As for me, our Dad would carry us on his shoulder when we were young. On the swimming pool, he would count 1, 2, 3 then jump, teaching us to dive. But I never learned diving anyway. I guess I'm too scared because it could crush my head underwater. Haha that's what I thought since I was young so I never tried it again. But I like doing the what we call "frog style". As you swim deeper, you would

scoop out your arms side ways, and so do your feet. It's like imitating a frog.

So this how we say Let's go swimming.

  Let's go            swimming
(Tayo) + (Tara) + (Ligo)    

The 'us' in let's is tayo. Tara is informal term that acts as halika or come on. Then swimming is ligo or to bath that act the same as swimming.

Of course we would go on a vacation during summer. It's our bonding time with friends while taking advantage of a good weather, but it's hot outside. Hey let's learn that sentence at Lesson 38.

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