Thursday, August 16, 2012

CT Lesson 4 - How to say I love or I miss you in Tagalog

Can I ask you a question? Well then, for you or in your own personal explanation, what is love? Is love related to the goosebumps and butterflied tummy you feel when you see him/her? Is it the chocolates or flowers or gifts or movie dates? Can love be shown on physically affections alone?

Next let's go the word 'miss' or to long for. Will you consider that you're missing someone if
you can't sleep or eat or be on good cheer without him/her?

Ooops hold it right there. Before we go deeper with this 'love thing', first let's learn how to say it in Tagalog.

   I      love        you
        (mahal) + (kita)

   I        love you          very much
                  (kita)         (mahal na mahal) *the repetition of 'mahal' is to reach superlative form

   I        miss        you
         (miss) + (kita)

   I       miss        you       very much
                      (kita)     (miss na miss)    *superlative

 Okay, now answer me what is love?
 (listens carefully*)

For me? Love is a decision. It can never be connected to butterflies or hearts or twinkle stars or anything else. This world and everything in it will fade away whether we like it or not. So if we look on the appearance of a person, it will only bring frustration and disappointment because 10 years on-wards, it is never the same. In fact, looking for someone beautiful or handsome and calling it love just because of what they have or what they look is called lust. Why? Because we focus on what we can gain alone, so through out the relationship it is one way self gain. A user was once used right?

But allow me to introduce to you someone who has the final decision to love. When he decides to pour out his heart, he didn't based it on affection. In fact, the ones he loved causes the most severe damage in his life. And it came to a point when he was confronted to stay in love or save his life. You know what he did? With arms outstretched, hanged on the cross, he decided to love us and gave up his life. Why? Because Jesus decided to love us today in spite of our mistakes. He decided to be patient for so many times when we're on rebellion, fighting for what we want even if we don't need them. That's the love no one payback because even if it were rejected before, it is still freely given today. And the bible? That's his love letter for us but only those who read it will get tummy butterflies.

How about you? What do you love? Who do you love? Why do you love him or her? Hey those interrogative pronouns me of Lesson 12, how to ask What, whom, when, where, which, why, how. Won't you came with me?


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