Saturday, September 15, 2012

CT Lesson 45 - How to say I'm Fine Thank You in Tagalog

Hey how are you today?
(waits for reply*)
Our lesson for today is how to say I'm fine Thank you. These words are used when someone asks how are you just as what I did awhile ago. I suppose someone is really concern about you when he/she asks your feelings right? And our common response would be "I'm fine Thank you".

But have you encountered a time when you're not really okay, or something disturbing happened and you're not on the mood to talk, so you say I'm fine? But why do we lie when, on the first place, if we open our problem it is most likely to lighten?
It may not be fixed over night but airing it out would diffuse the intensity. So every time someone asks how are we, let's be true to our self okay?

Back to our lesson, there are many ways to say 'I'm fine Thank you' in Tagalog; ayos lang ako salamat, mabuti naman ako salamat. We will take the most used by all, that is, okay lang ako salamat.

Okay lang + ako + Salamat
   (Fine)         (I)     (thanks)

See the differe of sentence pattern? It is as if saying 'fine me thanks', it may be informally accepted but it's not mostly used.

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