Saturday, September 15, 2012

CT Lesson 38 - How to say It is hot outside in Tagalog

It is summer time. The heat of 12 noon humid creeps in. Every swallow is a rough agony of a parched throat. So unyielding sweat deemed with a sudden inclination into irritated mood. That's when you wish a brain freezing crushed ice mixed with sago, ube, leche flan, sweetened banana, condensed milk, and nata de coco.

If Americans have Ice cream; here, a Filipino summer delight would be "Halo-halo" Its name is derived from the word Halo or mix because
basically you'll just have to put in a crushed ice all your choiced ingredients.

So let's study how to say It's hot outside

  It's        hot               outside
(Ang) + (init) + (sa) + (labas)

"init" is hot, then outside is "labas". "Sa" is used as a preposition to answer the question where. Saan mainit? or where is it hot? The answer is "sa labas" or outside.

And where do we want to go on a hot whether other than swimming pool. So let's learn how to say Let's go swimming at Lesson 40.

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