Saturday, September 15, 2012

CT Lesson 37 - How to say It is raining outside in Tagalog

Take a look at the photo and you'll notice the Philippines, traced with red lines, is covered with yellow and grayish smoke. The yellow and gray parts are not smokes but formation of clouds via satellite. The most severe rains are indicated with red color that, fortunately, we don't have any. Yellow colored ones which hover at NCR and Southern Mindanao are the medium rainfall we are experiencing. Lastly the grays are merely clouds.

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So today let's learn how to say It's raining outside.

     It's            raining                outside
                  (Umuulan) + (sa) + (labas)

Umuulan comes from the root word "ulan", then we just as "umu" to make it in progressive form. "Sa" connects the reciever "labas" or outside.

Which do you prefer when traveling on rainy days, wear a raincoat or carry an umbrella? As for me, it would  be much protective to wear rain coat but its hard to make it dry. So it is much preferable to bring an umbrella. At least it can be used on summer too. So let's learn how to say Bring your umbrella at Lesson 39.

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