Saturday, September 15, 2012

CT Lesson 36 - How to say It is summer and It is winter in Tagalog

According to, "There are two seasons in the country[Philippines(1)], the wet season and the dry season, based upon the amount of rainfall... Based on temperature, the seven warmest months of the year are from April to October; the winter monsoon brings cooler air from November to March. May is the warmest month, and January, the coolest." (Climate of the Philippines)

We don't have fall, winter, and spring unlike western countries. So what do you do during winter season, especially on white Christmas? This is the activity I want to


1. Snowball fight 

So first let's learn how to say It is summer and It is winter in Tagalog

It is summer

     (Tag-init) + (na)
It is winter
     (Tag-lamig) + (na)

na is used as a preposition to indicate that an even is happening now. Init means hot and lamig means cold.

What's your favorite activities during peak season? Let's try something new once in a while, and learn and explore. Now let's learn to say I'm having fun at Lesson 34

footnote: (1) Philippines - I add Philippines to the sentence to clarify what country is described.

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