Saturday, September 15, 2012

CT Lesson 43 - How to say Happy New Year in Tagalog

Yey! It's new year time, a season of fresh start from the past 365 days we spent behind. Have you made a resolution before? It's a list of things you want to improve about yourself. Most listed there was connected to removing of bad habits or attitudes or personality or anything else you want to make new. However, change requires sacrifice. If we don't put an extra effort to our resolution, it is mostly likely to be a wishful thinking again. And it can be frustrating to find out that your New Year's resolution today is your

same issue last year.

So sacrifice is necessary for change, and let's not limit change only on a certain month with a piece of paper. Change is constant, so we must use it for good. Here's a fact. Do you know that
it takes almost 2 weeks to change a habit? Is it that long? Yes. That's why many people end up frustrated about changing for good because it won't happen over night. Change requires process, and in process comes sacrifice.

One more thing about new year, do you know that Filipinos have a custom that affects your height? It is believed that when the clock hits 12:00 am or 00:00 you have to jump as high as you can so you'll become taller. Interesting huh?

Enough with our do-you-know session, let's  start learning how to say Happy New Year in Tagalog.

    Happy          New         Year
(Maginong) + (Bagong) + (Taon)

Manigo is the same as maligaya.

At the end of the year have the year, have you counted your blessing? Let's learn how to count at Lesson 15.

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