Saturday, September 15, 2012

CT Lesson 39 - How to say Bring your umbrella in Tagalog

The image below is from PAGASA or Philippine Atmospheric, Geographic, and Astronomical Services Administration. It is our government institute that updates the latest whether forecast of the Philippines.

photo taken from
Do you like the feeling of cold breeze and raindrops? I have a friend who
has deeper meaning of rain. Her sisters and friends call her "Ulan" or rain because the daughter of her older sibling can't pronounce her name. Every the little girl tries to call her, she would say Ulan. But I became curious one time and asked, "Why do they call you Ulan?"
"Because for me, rain drops are like the love of God. So when it's raining I feel that God is saying 'I love you more and more and more'", she gladly answered. At that moment my perspective about rain changed. Yes, God loves us so much that through little things he expresses it personally, as for Ulan it is by rain.

So this is how we say bring your umbrella

    bring       your         umbrella
(magdala) + (ka) ng + (payong)

Magdala comes from the root word "dala" or bring. And "ng" is used as a connector because "ka" ends with a vowel.

So do you like rain? I like it if it is just a mild shower, but not like typhoons. We have devastating calamities because of storm and typhoons and the most terrible for me is Ondoy. Even if we're not affected, the news revealed hundreds of casualties. However to describe such a weather, we may want to learn saying "Umuulan sa labas" at Lesson 37.

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