Saturday, September 15, 2012

CT Lesson 34 - How to say I am having fun in Tagalog

When we were younger, we have a chasing game called "Mata-mataya". First you'll start the game with "maiba taya" or the different hand after revealing, either upward or downward, will be the "taya". Taya is the who'll chase after the contestants. And if he outran the enemy, he'll tag him and shout "Taya". Now the new "Taya" will be the next chaser of all then the running is on again. All contestants who must probably on a sight  ranged is informed whose the "Taya" after the shout. So this is a fun game and you'll never notice the time. You can start early in the morning and end up by your parents call to eat lunch. We have different Filipino games on '90s like tumbang preso, agawang base, tom sawyer, saronggola (kite), trumpo (top), teks, tamiya, and more. But because of modernization Filipino children today are
less likely to sweat under P.S.P. or Laptop or any techy gadgets. But thinking about our childhood, whatever year we came, brings fun memories of games and toys. For that's the part of our life when we don't care about anything except playing.

So let's learn how to say I am having fun.

    I           am               having         fun
(ako)                    +                 (Nagsasaya)

Nagsasaya comes from the root word saya or fun. Then we add the unlapi "nagsa" to form present perfect progressive tense. Ako is I. But the subject Ako can be placed before or after the verb "nagsasaya". To place "ako" before "nagsasaya", just add "ay" in between to create "ako ay nagsasaya"

How about you? What's your childhood games? Please write your answer at the comment box. Come on, let's not be on a one way relationship, I want to know you too.

Of course when you're having fun, you're happy right? But because of childish sometimes we would tease someone or, for most of the time, I was teased when playing with our neighbor. So I leave the game grumpy and crying. Now to relate more about this, let's learn how to say I'm happy or I'm sad at Lesson 7.

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