Thursday, August 16, 2012

CT Lesson 1 - How to greet and ask in Tagalog

Look who we got here? Welcome to first lesson. I'm glad you dropped by.

I've been busy updating our class for awhile now, how about you? how are you my friend? That's the tagalog sentence we will learn today.

This question is mostly asked by someone you have close relationship with. It can be either your mom or
best friend or for some occasion an acquaintance. They are checking if you're fine or what you up to something. That's concern right? And concern is related to love, because if they don't love you then why would they even want to check on you? So to show affection in a simple way, let's start and learn.

          how + are + you
   (kamusta)  (na)   (ka)

          what + are + you + doing
       (anong) (  (mo)  (ginagawa)

notice that we don't pronounce 'anong ng' because ng itself is added from the root word 'ano' to form 'anong'

to reply I'm fine Thank you please go to Lesson 45


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